Mufflers are cylindrical – usually made of perforated metal, fiberglass, or ceramic –designed to reduce the sound levels created by an engine. Mufflers work best when mounted as close to the engine as possible. The material in mufflers is known as a "thermal barrier" because it's capable of absorbing heat from the engine and converting it into sound waves rather than heatwaves. An exhaust is a pipe that carries exhaust gases from an engine. During normal operation, coolant fans and other components on the engine suck in air from the atmosphere to be warmed and turned into useful energy by the engine. After the warm air has been used, it is exhausted out of a tailpipe or the muffler. For cars and light trucks, many mufflers are installed underneath the car on relatively lightweight steel "mounts," which are designed to vibrate less than a heavier steel chassis would.


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