Everyone driving in Ballston Spa, NY knows that they need to have their tires in top condition while on the road. Here at Mangino Buick GMC, we’re going to share the critical signs you need to look out for in order to know when you should replace your tires.

Cracked Tires & Tire Wear- One obvious way to identify the need for tire replacement is by checking for tire damage and wear. Cracked tires can be a sign that your tires are susceptible to a future blowout, which can cause a slew of problems. Treadwear can also indicate whether your tires are over or under-inflated.

Tire Warning Light - If your car model was released after 2008, you more than likely have a pressure warning light that tells you when one or multiple tires have too little pressure. You can choose to add air yourself, or you can opt to have a service mechanic work on this issue.

Low Tire Tread - Your tire tread is responsible for providing the necessary traction you need while driving. If the tread is worn out, you’ll want to visit a repair shop in order to solve the problem.

Unbalanced Tire Vibration - Vibration is a quality all cars have, and irregularity in vibration can let you know that your tires have a problem. Whether your vibration is too intense or too inactive, you’ll want to visit your local mechanic as soon as possible.

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